Sunday, September 30, 2012

[there's only this]

As of last Wednesday, I've officially been in this city for a month.
Friday we celebrated that milestone with a floor dinner that was full of craziness. Brynn, Bryna, and I made cupcakes while Ryan, Jacob, Megan, and Sakib somehow managed to make baked mac and cheese, chicken parm, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes...all for thirty people in the tiny kitchen we have downstairs. The food was wonderful as was the experience of spending time with my floormates. I didn't realize until this weekend how much of an abnormality my floor is. Even in my residence hall that is famous for community, no other floor is as close as mine. Sure people have their groups of friends, but everyone in my hall is friends with everyone.
It was quite odd to spend the weekend out of the city. I'm part of the violet leadership institute and we went on an overnight retreat along with the inter-residence hall council and the national residence hall honorary. It was a lot of fun just to meet new people and do a lot of work on personal growth and leadership development. Turns out I'm a huge leadership nerd. This entire weekend just really forced me to change my perspective on how I see things and it really showed me how different NYU is.
However I am glad to be back in the city, something I never realized until I left it. I've always been a city person, but I never realized how deep my connection to the city really was. Plus I missed all my friends dearly. I have no idea what we're going to do over Christmas break since we're all so spread out.
To sum up my first month at NYU in a few words, I'd have to say it's been a crazy, hectic, inspirational, awe-inspiring, magical time.
Now I'm off to write three papers and study for my midterm this week.
You think I'm kidding.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[you look familiar]

This city makes me restless. Before moving here, I was able to spend an entire afternoon on my computer and not even bat an eye. Now, I feel like I'm missing something even as I write this at 10:59 pm.
New York is truly the city that never sleeps and there is always something going on. There's the fear of missing out. Today, I should have worked on a paper and studied for micro. Instead, I went to the Met with one of my suitemates. Why? I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity. I'll be at the Met next week with one of my classes, but the thought of staying in my dorm and studying made me restless.
Last night, Brynn and I walked the stairs of our dorm because we couldn't just sit in Megan's room and chill. Maybe its the caffeine. Maybe its the fact that I'm in a new place.
It isn't necessarily a bad thing because the restlessness is forcing me to get out and be social and explore this wonderful city. And I am being productive. I'm not super behind on homework, I'll probably catch up by the end of the week. I go to the library all the time with Brynn.
If anything, I'm definitely learning time management!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[you belong with me]

Or, as I like to affectionately title this post: "Adventures in Penn Station"
Last week was absolutely crazy! It was definitely a blur of homework, classes, and hang out sessions. But I had a three day weekend because one of my professors is Jewish! It was definitely needed. Saturday we did hall council planning for a majority of the day and Bryna and I saw Bachelorette because we were unable to get tickets to Avenue Q with the rest of our friends (aka I didn't feel like getting up at 9 on a Saturday to get tickets). But the movie was really funny, I'd definitely recommend it! After that we did laundry like the cool kids we are.
Sunday was where my adventure in Penn Station came in. My friend Taylor from leaders was home this weekend and her bus left from the city, so we decided to go get breakfast together with Victoria. I had to leave my dorm at 9 in order to get there on time...I woke up at 8:54. But I actually made it on time! This was the first time I took the subway completely by myself and it was to one of the biggest stations in the city, if not the biggest. But I got there fine, we grabbed breakfast and just chatted for a good two hours which was wonderful because I loved being able to catch up with everyone. So we left Taylor at her bus station and then Vic and I went into Penn Station to go back home. We basically had to take opposite trains since I needed the E downtown and she needed the E uptown. I find where the platform is, go through the turnstiles, and then am left to wander around looking for the downtown platform. I thought I found the right place (turns out I did) but I saw signs for going uptown. So I go downstairs again and somehow end up on the express platform which is fine because it still stops at 4th st. But I was tired and stressed out and that did not help hahah. Made it back home finally to go read in the park and just chill for the rest of the day.
The rest of my week has been pretty boring so far, just a mixture of classes and homework.
But I get to go to the Brooklyn Museum of Art this Friday, which I'm so excited for!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[settle down]

I was in second grade on September 11, 2001. I had just moved to a new school but I remember my teacher and all of the other teachers running around chaotically that entire day. The phone rang off the hook as different staff members came and went from our classroom.
I had never seen the plane hit the second tower until the tenth anniversary. Sitting in AP Government we watched different news clips from both the day of and the tenth anniversary. It baffled me that the freshmen in my class were not in school that day.
Being in New York City on the anniversary felt out of sorts. In some ways, it was a normal day. I went to class, did homework, and hung out with my friends. But there was just generally a different vibe yesterday. I can't really describe it. But last night after we were all done classes, I went with my friends Bryna and Jacob up to St. Patrick's cathedral. The three of us lit a candle in remembrance. (on a side note: the church is absolutely gorgeous. I was awestruck. Also I'm pretty sure the three of us stuck out like sore thumbs because the other two aren't religious at all and I'm Protestant) But it was just a very poignant way to end the day. We went up to Union Square for dinner and when we were walking back to the square the spotlights guided us home.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

[i wanna dance]

One year ago today was the first time I visited NYU.
Crazy, isn't it? I didn't even realize it until we went to lunch ( 2:30 hahah) and saw a tour group in the lobby of Hayden. I'm not even sure why I remember that I first visited NYU on September 8. Probably because it was the third day of school and so close to September 11th. But I wanted to butt into the tour group and just scream at everyone to go here.
It really is crazy how things can change in a year.
This is a short post because I am super tired and want to go play Apples to Apples with some of my friends on my floor.
But I promise I'll post about my classes sometime soon when I'm not doing homework!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 7, 2012

[i'm telling you i'm telling you]

Ten Things I've Learned This Past Week:
1) If one person on the floor gets sick, everyone is going to get sick. Don't fight it, just accept it. If you're that first person, don't feel bad when everyone else gets sick. 42 teenagers living in such a close proximity to one another will never end well.

2) No matter what time you go for lunch, there will be a line at Kimmel. However, if you go for dinner at 6:30 on a Thursday night, you will have the entire cafeteria to yourself.

3) Never ever go to Trader Joes in Union Square unless you are prepared to stand in a line that wraps around the entire store. Even at 4 in the afternoon on a Wednesday.

4) Fashions Night Out is super dangerous for your wallet. However it is one hell of a good time.

5) All of the tuition money I'm spending is going to the millions of online programs NYU has. So far I am using aplia, NYU Classes, Blackboard, and atlas for at least one class.

6) I don't know how I ever woke up for high school. I can barely get up at 8, let alone 6.

7) Hall Council elections turn everyone crazy.

8) I apparently look like Amanda Seyfriend and sound like Drew Barrymore when I'm sick.

9) Being sick just sucks. A lot. So does rain.

10) Sororities at NYU are nothing like sororities at other colleges. They're more academic driven and absolutely perfect for me.

Anyway I'll talk about my classes later. This was a wonderful first week of classes, besides being sick!


Monday, September 3, 2012

[remember all the things that you and i did first?]

happy labor day everyone!
this weekend was absolutely crazy but it was a great way to end my first week at school!
Saturday we all slept in and then went to the Strand again. This time I actually bought three books (for $5!!) and some postcards to decorate our room. Came back to Goddard and hung out until we went to times square at midnight! It was so much fun to go up and see the entire place lit up with all of the lights. You could hardly tell that it was after midnight because everything was so bright. We ended up just walking around before getting gelato. We finally got back to the dorm at around 1:30 and the girls just hung out in our suite before bed.
Then yesterday I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a bus. My roommate has been sick for a few days and I knew it was just a matter of time before I got sick as well. So I spent the majority of the day in bed, drinking tea like crazy. By like 7:30 I still had no idea if I felt well enough to go on the cruise but eventually I just sucked it up and went although now I'm really glad that I did! It was such a cool experience and it kinda set in that I live here. Most of my friends are having a normal college experience in their college town going to college parties and football games. I, on the other hand, have this absolutely amazing opportunity that is living in New York City. I still can't believe it.
We finally got back around 4 and I was absolutely dead on my feet. I slept in this morning and then got lunch with Victoria, one of my fellow J-Staffers! It was so nice to just catch up with her since I haven't seen her since the end of July. It also was nice to see a familiar face since I've been overwhelmed with meeting all sorts of new people. Now we're just hanging around the residence hall before dinner and another floor meeting tonight.
Classes start tomorrow, I'm so excited!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

[it's always a good time]

Yay college! Boo end of welcome week!
These past two days have been crazy busy!
Yesterday we went on a picnic in central park which was gorgeous. It was my first time there and it is just a wonderful place. You literally forget you are in the city. So we did lunch there and then just hung around with some kids from my dorm that I haven't really had a chance to ever talk to so it was nice!
We got back to the dorm and just chilled for a while before heading out to a floor dinner which was fun although we pretty much already know and are friends with most of our dorm. Then we went straight from dinner to get in line for casino hour and a half early. We were waiting in line forever and it was just so tiring on top of the fact that we were already tired. So when we finally got in and found it pretty lame, we were disappointed. We entered the raffle and my suitemate won! But we got back to the dorm and just chilled in our room forever for like the fourth night in the row haha. It was really chill and I love these bonding sessions I've been having.
Today was a different story though. We had decided that since we didn't have any orientation events left we would go out to breakfast since we haven't yet. After that was a seminar on saving money which wasn't very helpful but it was still worthwhile. We grabbed lunch and decided to go to an open house at the career center that wasn't an open house at all. Turns out there was a presentation and then a tour of the center. By the time we made it up to Union Square we missed the entire presentation and could only go on the tour...annoying.
But then came the best part of the day! Some of us didn't go to the picnic yesterday so they wanted to see the we went! We were big kids who took the subway ourselves and then ended up sitting in central park just talking for two and a half hours. I bonded even more with these people including some of the guys on my floor who are now my good friends!
We finally made it down to WSP again but we were starving. So we walked all the way back up to one of the other dining halls near union square. After dinner we stopped at the Strand which is a crazy huge and cheap book store. We could have spent forever in there and I'm happy we're going back there tomorrow.
Came back, chilled some more, and then ended up going to zombie ball. It wasn't that much fun. I wasn't in the mood for it to begin with and it just felt forced. I am glad we went, but I'm also glad we came back and once again just hung out in the guys room and the hallway.
But now I am absolutely exhausted from this week and I am really excited to sleep in tomorrow. We're going shopping and then to the annual Goddard games!
I am absolutely loving this school so much. I've had more intellectual conversations this past week than I ever had in all of high school. Everyone here is just so smart and they actually care about the world and what is going on around it. More than that, they form their own opinion and are passionate about what they believe in. Although Welcome Week is over, I am so excited for classes and my time at NYU to really start.