Wednesday, December 19, 2012

there's a certain stillness associated with New York in the morning. before the tourists flood the streets. before the real day begins and the streets are filled at near maximum capacity. before all of the sounds blur together. instead, you hear everything with perfect clarity. the construction, buses sighing with relief as they deposit passengers on the sidewalk corner. horns honking as the streets fill with taxis.
to celebrate the end of the semester, brynn and i walked to trump tower this morning for starbucks and breakfast at tiffany's.

this is what i will miss about new york for the five weeks I am torn away from it. the stillness is a sea of chaos. the calm before the storm.
oh, what am I saying? I will miss everything about this place.

except times square. times square is literally hell on earth.

well, here's to a great first semester, NYU.