Thursday, August 30, 2012

[breaking the chains of love]

Day 3 (4?): Complete!
Yesterday started off not so wonderfully but by the end of the day I was having a fabulous time.
I'll admit something. I've been sorta skipping some of my orientation events. Not the major ones. But I didn't go to a lot of the stuff in the afternoon because all of my friends have morning orientation then they get out right when I'm supposed to be going to stuff. Plus I'd rather go to Welcome Week Events. I've only skipped two so far. One because I honestly wasn't going to make it in time and I heard it wasn't worth it and the other because I wanted to go see the comedy show and wasn't in the mood to walk all the way up to Union Square for a half hour open house. Plus I'm skipping my advisement open house (I don't have anything really to talk about with my advisor) and like the student council meet and greet because I want to go on a picnic to Central Park. But I'm not the only one so its all good!
But yesterday morning I was so proud of myself for getting up and actually going to my peer advisement session. Luckily the other girl in LSP on my floor was going to the same building so we walked together. But I get there and my group goes into the classroom...and waits. No one ever showed up! So we waited until 10 and then just left. I feel so bad because one of the girls in that group is a commuter so she wasted so much time! But I got to go into the Starbucks below my dorm for the first time and I wasn't disappointed!
So I came back to my room and hung out for a little bit still trying to get a few things put together and arranged. My roommate came back and invited me to hang out with her and some friends in the park. It was absolutely gorgeous out so I couldn't refuse but it was kinda awkward because I didn't know her friends. But whatever, I made it fun! I eventually got a text to go get lunch with some of the other girls on my floor so we ate outside the Kimmel marketplace which is a little outside balcony on the third floor overlooking the park. The view is GORGEOUS. Eventually I went with one of the girls I ate with to the student comedy and I enjoyed it. The first group wasn't the best but they had some funny lines. The second group was absolutely spectacular and the third group was pretty good too.
After that I just chilled again but I got to Skype with Taylor! It was a very pleasant surprise and a great addition to my day.We went to the meeting about getting involved in Hall Council which I am still contemplating whether or not to run for. If I do I'll probably just be a programming chair because a lot of the stuff they do is similar to what I did in leaders. But if not I'll still definitely be involved in the general assembly. Yay branching out!
We had to leave right from that to get in line for NYU Portraits which is their like culture festival. Also Stanley Tucci was there. He was fabulous. They all ready different important short works from history highlighting the struggles of many different cultures. I was absolutely blown away. They chose to focus on lesser known struggles like Japanese Internment and prejudice against immigrants in the early twentieth century while also highlighting works from great women's and civil rights activists. Again I was blown away.
But we finally got out of there at like 9:30 and realized that we had yet to eat dinner. We had to walk all the way up to Union Square to go to the one open dining hall but it was still really good. Plus we went up pretty much as an entire floor (or at least my side of the floor) and I got to talk to people I haven't really interacted with yet while getting close to my group of friends.
We got back from that around 11 and then ended up just chilling in the other room in my suite. It was a wonderful bonding moment where no one left until like after 1. So when I crawled into bed at like 1:30 I basically passed out.
But yesterday was wonderful!
Up today: Picnic in Central Park, Casino Night!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[shake it out]

Hey y'all!
Its getting late so I'm gonna cut this short because all I want to do right now is curl up in my bed and pass out until I have to wake up and tackle a million different things!
Tonight was absolutely fabulous. One of my suitemates along with another girl from our floor and I went belly dancing and it was so much fun! Of course it was at Palladium which is in Union Square but even the walk was nice! Mad props to belly dancers because it is not easy at all! Belly dancing is actually really cool because it is all about isolating different parts of your body but it really takes muscle and coordination to do. It was one of those things you just have to try and I'm glad to say that I've tried it! I've decided that I'm going to try some new things this fall but also go back to things I love. I might get involved in some sort of dance group on campus because I absolutely love dancing. I danced for eight years and just recently rediscovered my love for it last year with the musical. Hopefully I can find something that doesn't require a ton of skill originally because I definitely need to catch up!
After that I had to go to a common reading lecture which, after belly dancing, was a challenge to stay awake in. I hated the summer reading and so the lecture wasn't much better. If I had paid attention I probably could have gotten more out of it but I was tired! However I found another person in LSP! Originally it was just Tricia (one of the girls on my floor) and I attending all these things together since most of the other girls we hang out with are in CAS. But we met one of the girls on the fourth floor who is also in LSP!
After that we hung out until everyone was done with a walking tour they did of Greenwich Village. Kinda bummed I missed it because I was still in my lecture when it started but it was fun to just hang out around the floor. It was relaxing too which is nice because I haven't really had a chance to sit down much these past three days.
Then we went and got pizza and I'm sorry but I'll never be able to eat anything but New York City pizza ever again. Luckily during their walking tour some of the girls got tips on where to eat and this pizza place was sooo good! Plus it was pretty cheap which is always a plus for broke college kids!
My favorite part of the night, however, was Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wasn't originally gonna go because I was crazy tired but I'm glad I decided to! We all dressed up and did our makeup all crazy and we just looked absolutely amazing hahaha. But I've never been to Rocky Horror or seen it and it definitely was an experience!
I'm absolutely loving it here. This city is so gorgeous and everywhere you turn you are always discovering something new. People told me when I came here to not expect to find much of a community but some of the people I've met are some of the kindest, most driven people I have ever met.
Tomorrow: student comedy, NYU Portraits (WITH STANLEY TUCCI), and whatever else I decide to do in this wonderful city.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[concrete jungle where dreams are made of]

I moved into NYU Sunday and it was actually a lot less hectic than I had anticipated. We left home around 10:30 and after a Wawa stop (okay...I'm actually gonna miss wawa coffee) and some lunch we finally arrived in Manhattan around 2ish!
I was expecting lines out of the door to check in and whatnot. Instead I got out of the car, went into the basement, and checked in all within a matter of like three minutes. After that I decided to be stupid and climb the seven flights of steps from the basement to my room (...bad idea. Since then I've taken the elevator to the sixth floor) to go check if my roommate was there and warn her about my crazy family if that was the case.
Got everything moved in, said goodbye to my parents, then I went out to get dinner with my roommate and another girl on my floor who I met when unpacking. Unfortunately I live in like the only residence hall without a dining hall (we call ourselves dining hall hobos) so we had to go to another one of the dorms to get food. The first place we tried (the student center) was closed so we went to the closest dining hall which we found out was also closed. We ended up eating at the kosher cafe there but we were running late for our floor meeting sooo we just ate salads. Go to our floor meeting and there we met a lot of the girls who live in the same side of the floor as we do. We kinda hung out for a while before deciding to go to Bed Bath and Beyond because they were doing an after hours thing for NYU students so we got different prizes plus everything was 10% off. It was actually really funny because NYU isn't known for its community, so most people were shopping by themselves or just with their roommate. I live in the most community oriented dorm so we were the odd balls shopping in a group of seven people.
Then yesterday was all sorts of crazy. I had to be up at like eight so I could get to the LSP Welcome Convocation at nine. I don't think I've been up before nine since PACAA so it was rough. But the first thing I set up in my room was my Keurig so at least I had coffee! After I basically slept through the convocation, I had to go meet with my faculty mentor and discuss the summer reading book. Well luckily for me my mentor is awesome and he hated the book as much as we did so we basically trashed it for an hour and then talked about random stuff for the rest of the time.
We got out of that and it was absolutely pouring which sucked because we then had to go to the President's Welcome at the Beacon which required walking a few blocks to the subway in the pouring rain. Luckily when we got off the subway it had stopped raining but then everyone just felt gross for hours. The President's welcome was so cool, John Sexton (the president of NYU) just seems so invested in the students here and like he really wants the students to succeed.
After that was the reality show where a group of Tisch kids write a show that goes over different problems people are likely to experience in college. These kids were all insanely talented and the show was absolutely wonderful. When that was over we had to get ourselves back to Washington Square using the subway but of course there was a group of about two thousand kids all trying to go to the same subway station. So my group of girls from the floor decided to walk to another station and take it downtown which actually worked out really well because the train we took was absolutely empty. And we proved we could navigate the subway with the help of my trusty subway app!
We were all starving because we hadn't eaten anything except for snacks all day so we tried Weinstein (the dorm we had eaten in the day before) but turns out that the reason the dining hall is closed is because its being renovated and won't be open for a few more weeks! So we settled for going across the park to Hayden which was actually pretty good. After that we went on a walking tour of the West Village which is such a quaint part of the city. We ended up at the pier and had a toast to celebrate the beginning of the school year. We did some team building activities which was fun until we had to walk back to the dorm. After that the seven of us went to see an a capella show at like 11 which was crazy because I was absolutely exhausted but everyone who was in it was crazy talented. We finally got back to our dorm at like 12:15 and I pretty much passed out right away.
Anddd right now I'm sitting typing this because a lot of my friends had orientation programming for their school and this morning was pretty much empty for me. I could have gone to a coffee and tea tour or to see the student comedy group but I'm planning on doing both sometime this week anddd I didn't get up and ready until like an hour ago...awk. I'm supposed to be going to a student life fair in like fifteen minutes but I'm not sure whether I want to skip it or go later with some people from my dorm. I'm planning on going to belly dancing with one of the girls in my suite later before I have to go to a common reading lecture for my summer reading book. Then we're planning on either going to a comedy show or to see Rocky Horror Picture show (or both)
Anyways, I'm absolutely loving school so far. I know classes haven't started but I'm actually really excited for those to start as well which never happens. I love my dorm and my suitemates are absolutely fantastic which is always a good thing!
I'll try and post something either later today or tomorrow. This week is crazy jam packed with activities but when classes start things will probably calm down (or at least I'm hoping they will).

[oh what a lovely day]

Hello there!
I'm not sure who all is going to read this, whether or not it is people who used to read my old blog (...all like two of them) or if new people find it. But regardless, hello! If you haven't figured out, my name is Cassie. I'm a freshman at NYU currently in the Liberal Studies (LSP) program. Don't ask what it is. Tons of people so far have asked me about the program and I just look stupid stumbling over my words trying to come up with an explanation. Don't ask what I'm going to major in after my two years in the LSP program. Today it is chemistry or psychology. Tomorrow it could be theater for all I know.
Anyway, I figured that with going off to college, the easiest way to keep people around me updated would be to blog about it. I used to blog a lot but I procrastinate. A lot. So when school picked up around junior year I stopped so I could concentrate on college applications and other fun stuff like that.
Anyway, I figured I would write an introductory post like this and then I'll probably follow up with a post about the past few days!