Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[shake it out]

Hey y'all!
Its getting late so I'm gonna cut this short because all I want to do right now is curl up in my bed and pass out until I have to wake up and tackle a million different things!
Tonight was absolutely fabulous. One of my suitemates along with another girl from our floor and I went belly dancing and it was so much fun! Of course it was at Palladium which is in Union Square but even the walk was nice! Mad props to belly dancers because it is not easy at all! Belly dancing is actually really cool because it is all about isolating different parts of your body but it really takes muscle and coordination to do. It was one of those things you just have to try and I'm glad to say that I've tried it! I've decided that I'm going to try some new things this fall but also go back to things I love. I might get involved in some sort of dance group on campus because I absolutely love dancing. I danced for eight years and just recently rediscovered my love for it last year with the musical. Hopefully I can find something that doesn't require a ton of skill originally because I definitely need to catch up!
After that I had to go to a common reading lecture which, after belly dancing, was a challenge to stay awake in. I hated the summer reading and so the lecture wasn't much better. If I had paid attention I probably could have gotten more out of it but I was tired! However I found another person in LSP! Originally it was just Tricia (one of the girls on my floor) and I attending all these things together since most of the other girls we hang out with are in CAS. But we met one of the girls on the fourth floor who is also in LSP!
After that we hung out until everyone was done with a walking tour they did of Greenwich Village. Kinda bummed I missed it because I was still in my lecture when it started but it was fun to just hang out around the floor. It was relaxing too which is nice because I haven't really had a chance to sit down much these past three days.
Then we went and got pizza and I'm sorry but I'll never be able to eat anything but New York City pizza ever again. Luckily during their walking tour some of the girls got tips on where to eat and this pizza place was sooo good! Plus it was pretty cheap which is always a plus for broke college kids!
My favorite part of the night, however, was Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wasn't originally gonna go because I was crazy tired but I'm glad I decided to! We all dressed up and did our makeup all crazy and we just looked absolutely amazing hahaha. But I've never been to Rocky Horror or seen it and it definitely was an experience!
I'm absolutely loving it here. This city is so gorgeous and everywhere you turn you are always discovering something new. People told me when I came here to not expect to find much of a community but some of the people I've met are some of the kindest, most driven people I have ever met.
Tomorrow: student comedy, NYU Portraits (WITH STANLEY TUCCI), and whatever else I decide to do in this wonderful city.

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