Thursday, August 30, 2012

[breaking the chains of love]

Day 3 (4?): Complete!
Yesterday started off not so wonderfully but by the end of the day I was having a fabulous time.
I'll admit something. I've been sorta skipping some of my orientation events. Not the major ones. But I didn't go to a lot of the stuff in the afternoon because all of my friends have morning orientation then they get out right when I'm supposed to be going to stuff. Plus I'd rather go to Welcome Week Events. I've only skipped two so far. One because I honestly wasn't going to make it in time and I heard it wasn't worth it and the other because I wanted to go see the comedy show and wasn't in the mood to walk all the way up to Union Square for a half hour open house. Plus I'm skipping my advisement open house (I don't have anything really to talk about with my advisor) and like the student council meet and greet because I want to go on a picnic to Central Park. But I'm not the only one so its all good!
But yesterday morning I was so proud of myself for getting up and actually going to my peer advisement session. Luckily the other girl in LSP on my floor was going to the same building so we walked together. But I get there and my group goes into the classroom...and waits. No one ever showed up! So we waited until 10 and then just left. I feel so bad because one of the girls in that group is a commuter so she wasted so much time! But I got to go into the Starbucks below my dorm for the first time and I wasn't disappointed!
So I came back to my room and hung out for a little bit still trying to get a few things put together and arranged. My roommate came back and invited me to hang out with her and some friends in the park. It was absolutely gorgeous out so I couldn't refuse but it was kinda awkward because I didn't know her friends. But whatever, I made it fun! I eventually got a text to go get lunch with some of the other girls on my floor so we ate outside the Kimmel marketplace which is a little outside balcony on the third floor overlooking the park. The view is GORGEOUS. Eventually I went with one of the girls I ate with to the student comedy and I enjoyed it. The first group wasn't the best but they had some funny lines. The second group was absolutely spectacular and the third group was pretty good too.
After that I just chilled again but I got to Skype with Taylor! It was a very pleasant surprise and a great addition to my day.We went to the meeting about getting involved in Hall Council which I am still contemplating whether or not to run for. If I do I'll probably just be a programming chair because a lot of the stuff they do is similar to what I did in leaders. But if not I'll still definitely be involved in the general assembly. Yay branching out!
We had to leave right from that to get in line for NYU Portraits which is their like culture festival. Also Stanley Tucci was there. He was fabulous. They all ready different important short works from history highlighting the struggles of many different cultures. I was absolutely blown away. They chose to focus on lesser known struggles like Japanese Internment and prejudice against immigrants in the early twentieth century while also highlighting works from great women's and civil rights activists. Again I was blown away.
But we finally got out of there at like 9:30 and realized that we had yet to eat dinner. We had to walk all the way up to Union Square to go to the one open dining hall but it was still really good. Plus we went up pretty much as an entire floor (or at least my side of the floor) and I got to talk to people I haven't really interacted with yet while getting close to my group of friends.
We got back from that around 11 and then ended up just chilling in the other room in my suite. It was a wonderful bonding moment where no one left until like after 1. So when I crawled into bed at like 1:30 I basically passed out.
But yesterday was wonderful!
Up today: Picnic in Central Park, Casino Night!

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