Saturday, September 1, 2012

[it's always a good time]

Yay college! Boo end of welcome week!
These past two days have been crazy busy!
Yesterday we went on a picnic in central park which was gorgeous. It was my first time there and it is just a wonderful place. You literally forget you are in the city. So we did lunch there and then just hung around with some kids from my dorm that I haven't really had a chance to ever talk to so it was nice!
We got back to the dorm and just chilled for a while before heading out to a floor dinner which was fun although we pretty much already know and are friends with most of our dorm. Then we went straight from dinner to get in line for casino hour and a half early. We were waiting in line forever and it was just so tiring on top of the fact that we were already tired. So when we finally got in and found it pretty lame, we were disappointed. We entered the raffle and my suitemate won! But we got back to the dorm and just chilled in our room forever for like the fourth night in the row haha. It was really chill and I love these bonding sessions I've been having.
Today was a different story though. We had decided that since we didn't have any orientation events left we would go out to breakfast since we haven't yet. After that was a seminar on saving money which wasn't very helpful but it was still worthwhile. We grabbed lunch and decided to go to an open house at the career center that wasn't an open house at all. Turns out there was a presentation and then a tour of the center. By the time we made it up to Union Square we missed the entire presentation and could only go on the tour...annoying.
But then came the best part of the day! Some of us didn't go to the picnic yesterday so they wanted to see the we went! We were big kids who took the subway ourselves and then ended up sitting in central park just talking for two and a half hours. I bonded even more with these people including some of the guys on my floor who are now my good friends!
We finally made it down to WSP again but we were starving. So we walked all the way back up to one of the other dining halls near union square. After dinner we stopped at the Strand which is a crazy huge and cheap book store. We could have spent forever in there and I'm happy we're going back there tomorrow.
Came back, chilled some more, and then ended up going to zombie ball. It wasn't that much fun. I wasn't in the mood for it to begin with and it just felt forced. I am glad we went, but I'm also glad we came back and once again just hung out in the guys room and the hallway.
But now I am absolutely exhausted from this week and I am really excited to sleep in tomorrow. We're going shopping and then to the annual Goddard games!
I am absolutely loving this school so much. I've had more intellectual conversations this past week than I ever had in all of high school. Everyone here is just so smart and they actually care about the world and what is going on around it. More than that, they form their own opinion and are passionate about what they believe in. Although Welcome Week is over, I am so excited for classes and my time at NYU to really start.

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