Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[you belong with me]

Or, as I like to affectionately title this post: "Adventures in Penn Station"
Last week was absolutely crazy! It was definitely a blur of homework, classes, and hang out sessions. But I had a three day weekend because one of my professors is Jewish! It was definitely needed. Saturday we did hall council planning for a majority of the day and Bryna and I saw Bachelorette because we were unable to get tickets to Avenue Q with the rest of our friends (aka I didn't feel like getting up at 9 on a Saturday to get tickets). But the movie was really funny, I'd definitely recommend it! After that we did laundry like the cool kids we are.
Sunday was where my adventure in Penn Station came in. My friend Taylor from leaders was home this weekend and her bus left from the city, so we decided to go get breakfast together with Victoria. I had to leave my dorm at 9 in order to get there on time...I woke up at 8:54. But I actually made it on time! This was the first time I took the subway completely by myself and it was to one of the biggest stations in the city, if not the biggest. But I got there fine, we grabbed breakfast and just chatted for a good two hours which was wonderful because I loved being able to catch up with everyone. So we left Taylor at her bus station and then Vic and I went into Penn Station to go back home. We basically had to take opposite trains since I needed the E downtown and she needed the E uptown. I find where the platform is, go through the turnstiles, and then am left to wander around looking for the downtown platform. I thought I found the right place (turns out I did) but I saw signs for going uptown. So I go downstairs again and somehow end up on the express platform which is fine because it still stops at 4th st. But I was tired and stressed out and that did not help hahah. Made it back home finally to go read in the park and just chill for the rest of the day.
The rest of my week has been pretty boring so far, just a mixture of classes and homework.
But I get to go to the Brooklyn Museum of Art this Friday, which I'm so excited for!

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