Friday, September 7, 2012

[i'm telling you i'm telling you]

Ten Things I've Learned This Past Week:
1) If one person on the floor gets sick, everyone is going to get sick. Don't fight it, just accept it. If you're that first person, don't feel bad when everyone else gets sick. 42 teenagers living in such a close proximity to one another will never end well.

2) No matter what time you go for lunch, there will be a line at Kimmel. However, if you go for dinner at 6:30 on a Thursday night, you will have the entire cafeteria to yourself.

3) Never ever go to Trader Joes in Union Square unless you are prepared to stand in a line that wraps around the entire store. Even at 4 in the afternoon on a Wednesday.

4) Fashions Night Out is super dangerous for your wallet. However it is one hell of a good time.

5) All of the tuition money I'm spending is going to the millions of online programs NYU has. So far I am using aplia, NYU Classes, Blackboard, and atlas for at least one class.

6) I don't know how I ever woke up for high school. I can barely get up at 8, let alone 6.

7) Hall Council elections turn everyone crazy.

8) I apparently look like Amanda Seyfriend and sound like Drew Barrymore when I'm sick.

9) Being sick just sucks. A lot. So does rain.

10) Sororities at NYU are nothing like sororities at other colleges. They're more academic driven and absolutely perfect for me.

Anyway I'll talk about my classes later. This was a wonderful first week of classes, besides being sick!


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