Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[settle down]

I was in second grade on September 11, 2001. I had just moved to a new school but I remember my teacher and all of the other teachers running around chaotically that entire day. The phone rang off the hook as different staff members came and went from our classroom.
I had never seen the plane hit the second tower until the tenth anniversary. Sitting in AP Government we watched different news clips from both the day of and the tenth anniversary. It baffled me that the freshmen in my class were not in school that day.
Being in New York City on the anniversary felt out of sorts. In some ways, it was a normal day. I went to class, did homework, and hung out with my friends. But there was just generally a different vibe yesterday. I can't really describe it. But last night after we were all done classes, I went with my friends Bryna and Jacob up to St. Patrick's cathedral. The three of us lit a candle in remembrance. (on a side note: the church is absolutely gorgeous. I was awestruck. Also I'm pretty sure the three of us stuck out like sore thumbs because the other two aren't religious at all and I'm Protestant) But it was just a very poignant way to end the day. We went up to Union Square for dinner and when we were walking back to the square the spotlights guided us home.

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