Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[oh what a lovely day]

Hello there!
I'm not sure who all is going to read this, whether or not it is people who used to read my old blog (...all like two of them) or if new people find it. But regardless, hello! If you haven't figured out, my name is Cassie. I'm a freshman at NYU currently in the Liberal Studies (LSP) program. Don't ask what it is. Tons of people so far have asked me about the program and I just look stupid stumbling over my words trying to come up with an explanation. Don't ask what I'm going to major in after my two years in the LSP program. Today it is chemistry or psychology. Tomorrow it could be theater for all I know.
Anyway, I figured that with going off to college, the easiest way to keep people around me updated would be to blog about it. I used to blog a lot but I procrastinate. A lot. So when school picked up around junior year I stopped so I could concentrate on college applications and other fun stuff like that.
Anyway, I figured I would write an introductory post like this and then I'll probably follow up with a post about the past few days!

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