Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[do you hear the people sing?]

Well, after only a week and a half of being home I already am ready to go back to the city. What am I going to do over the summer?
I love being home. I love seeing my family and catching up with my friends. However, I was not prepared for how much I would miss the city. I miss being able to walk wherever I want. I miss the freedom that comes with city living. No worrying about gas money or having a car available. Places always open and people out and about. If I want pizza at 2 am, its only a block away. If I want coffee at eleven pm, I can go downstairs and Starbucks is open.
If I want to see my friends, I walk down the hall.
25 days. 25 long days.

On another note, I saw Les Mis last night. If you haven't seen it, go go go. Like get up right now and drive to the theater. So good. Melissa and I both walked out of the theater in tears.

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