Thursday, January 31, 2013

[rules of the road say don't look back]

Writing this really quickly before I head off to class.
I'm really excited for the weekend, especially since my weekend technically starts at 12:15 today! No Friday classes is going to be the best decision I ever made, considering I always hated waking up for recitation on Fridays last semester.
However, I cannot wait until I can fully take advantage of the city when it gets warmer outside. We have so many springtime plans that it almost kills me having to wait to accomplish all of them. Right now our lives consist of going on walks and hanging around the dorm. Tuesday Brynn and I walked six miles which I considered an accomplishment after six weeks of no walks at all!
I absolutely love my classes this semester. Of course the material is not what I would have chosen to study, but my professors make it all pretty interesting. I am obsessed with my psychology class, but that is to be expected.
Anyway, have to go finish getting ready for my 9:30!
I'm trying to post more, I promise.

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