Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[just another day]

Well, I'm finally back in Manhattan. The last two weeks or so at home were rough. I love my friends and family, but suburbia is definitely not New York City.
The past few days have been a rush of quickly readjusting to city life (by almost getting hit by cars/taxis multiple times) and preparing for the start of the new semester. I'm really excited for my classes this semester. The material interests me more and so far I really enjoy all of my professors. Plus I'm taking a psychology class which has me super excited!
The weather has been terrible for the past few days. Freezing temperatures paired with snow and sleet yesterday have had me practically barricaded inside of my dorm because I am the biggest baby when it comes to the cold. Luckily today is a sunny 45 degrees so Brynn and I have plans to go on a walk later when she gets back from class!
But now I have to get started on some reading for class tomorrow. Work waits for no one!

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